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The region in which Gahcho Kué is located supports many species of mammals, birds, fish, and their habitats. The abundance of wildlife in an environment of pristine air and water, almost completely undisturbed by human activities, makes it a region unlike any other on Earth.

Regularly seen close to Gahcho Kué are mammals such as Arctic Hares, Arctic Foxes, Grey Wolves, Grizzly Bears, Muskox, Wolverines, and birds like the Snowy Owl and Peregrine Falcon. The lakes and waterways near the mine contain large numbers of fish, especially Trout and Northern Pike.

Protecting this rich ecosystem from our activities and maintaining its health is also essential to the continuing prosperity and well-being of present and future generations in the communities of the region.

Initial wildlife monitoring for Gahcho Kué was developed in consultation with government regulators and local indigenous communities. The resulting Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Protection Plan, Wildlife Effects Monitoring Plan and Ni Hadi Xa agreement were designed to mitigate and monitor the effects on wildlife both within the immediate area of the mine and also in the larger, surrounding region beyond the mine.

The Ni Hadi Xa agreement provides for invaluable hands-on and intimate field observation of wildlife through the use of a dedicated monitoring base cabin and a fish-tasting program. The experienced Ni Hadi Xa monitors work closely with our environmental team. Together with required mechanisms for limiting the impact to wildlife, such as those for dust and noise reduction, the traditional knowledge brought to the effort of protecting this incomparable region makes our combined efforts truly comprehensive.