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Our Responsibility

Mountain Province Diamonds, in a joint-venture partnership with De Beers Canada, is proud to be part of the operation of Gahcho Kué, the largest new diamond mine in the world.

We are equally proud to have a strong working relationship with the indigenous peoples of this region, who have lived here in balance with nature for many centuries. We consider it a privilege to have their trust and are committed to the protection of this land and its environment.


We operate in a unique and pristine environment and are committed to protecting it. The water, air, plants and wildlife of this region have for many generations existed untouched and sustained the indigenous peoples of the NWT. Maintaining their quality is essential to the continued well-being of present and future generations

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We have developed a diverse workforce supported by inclusive workplaces that reflect the indigenous and local people of our communities as well as the increasing participation of women.

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The region in which Gahcho Kué is located supports many species of mammals, birds, fish, and their habitats. The abundance of wildlife in an environment of pristine air and water, almost completely undisturbed by human activities, makes it a region unlike any other on Earth.

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