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The Gahcho Kué orebodies and resultant product profile are complex, producing a broad range of white commercial diamonds together with large, high value Special stones and small white and brown diamonds. The Gahcho Kué product also exhibits varying degrees of fluorescence.

Each of these product types has a market and an established customer base. All Gahcho Kué goods, with the natural exception of some industrials, are sold into market segments that cut and polish the rough, with resultant polished destined for the major diamond jewelry markets of the US, India and China.

Mountain Province Diamonds’ goods are sold independently on the open market as a discrete production. Bids are submitted through an online bidding system, offering a simple, secure and convenient process for buyers.

Mountain Province Diamonds’ customers include polished and jewelry manufacturers, rough traders and financiers, with operations in the major diamond markets of Belgium, India, Israel, UAE, Canada and China. The high calibre of participating companies indicates that industry leaders are investing in the product for the long term.

Market interest in Mountain Province Diamonds’ tender sales has been strong from the outset, with each sale attracting considerable customer competition. We are confident the high levels of competition, and our high-caliber customers, are delivering the maximum price in the current market.

Mountain Province Diamonds’ direct and independent control over our sales provides a highly visible chain of custody.

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