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Mountain Province Diamonds has developed a diverse workforce, supported by inclusive workplaces that reflect the indigenous and local people of our communities as well as the increasing participation of women.

Gahcho Kué employs people from fourteen communities in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Many are from the Yellowknife area, though even the smallest communities are represented by our employees. In 2018, about half of the total number of Gahcho Kué employees were NWT residents, of whom more than 25% were NWT indigenous residents. These figures are an improvement over 2017 and we strive to continue strengthening them.

While we have made it a priority to employ as many NWT residents as possible, we have also made efforts to bring more women into our workforce. In 2018 Gahcho Kué provided a total of 527 Full Time Employment (FTE) jobs; of that, 100 FTE jobs were filled by women, an improvement of 11% from 2017. We will continue to encourage the further diversification of our workforce through increased participation by NWT residents, especially women.

In support of a varied workforce, we have made clear commitments to several programs that connect us to our communities.

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report