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Only the most exceptional diamonds come from this remote and beautiful part of the world. Our Gahcho Kué mine is projected to produce superb, gem quality diamonds through 2028 and beyond.

18.60 Carat Rough Diamond

Our Diamonds

Mountain Province Diamond's Gahcho Kué mine, located at the edge of Canada's Arctic Circle, is the world's largest and richest new diamond mine and since the start of production in late 2016 has established itself as a regular producer of exceptional, gem quality, large diamonds.

18.60 Carat Rough Diamond

Rough Diamonds

Diamond is an extraordinary material that has captivated men and women for millennia, through its natural beauty and as the hardest material known to humankind.

Our diamonds have the additional attraction of their unique provenance in Canada’s north. They hold the magic of the Northern Lights and represent the timeless and monumental expanse of the Northwest Territories.

Our production of rough diamonds to the market is about 4.5 million carats annually. With the recent discovery of a promising, new deposit on the property as well as continuing exploration, we are determined to maintain our operation beyond 2028.

Special Stones

The discovery of a number of exceedingly rare diamonds demonstrates that Gahcho Kué’s ability to produce very large, high quality white and fancy colour diamonds. These diamonds are part of the mine’s history and a legacy of exceptional diamonds sourced from the Northwest Territories.

83.70 Carat Rough Diamond


Our diamonds, formed 2.5 to 4 billion years ago in the Earth’s mantle, were brought to the surface by deep source volcanic eruptions at a remote area in the Northwest Territories near Kennady Lake. Our diamonds are the oldest object you will ever own. Gahcho Kué diamonds are as unique as the story of their origin.


Fluorescence: the hallmark of our diamonds’ provenance. A beautiful phenomenon that illuminates to their natural origins and represents a unique and under-appreciated rarity.

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